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There are a wide variety of file formats available today for word processing. Back in the day, files created with Word used to dominate the landscape. More files have been created so far today, with PDF documents considered the best for a variety of reasons.

To explain a few of these reasons, PDF files are universal software, much in the same way a .doc file can be read by word processors. PDF files are better as they require fewer restrictions when opened. A PDF file is also more secure, allowing you to lock down a file and grant permission only to those with the authority to view your document. Files are also searchable and easily accessible. Lastly, they are interactive. For instance, you can post an applicant’s form online and allow the applicant to fill it up completely online.

PDF Converter Hub lets you easily convert files into PDF format for free. PDF formats are used when it comes to hard copies – you can easily print them or use them online as well as store in the archives afterward. The industry where you’ll see them most used is in businesses as well as law firms, where documents must always be stored for future reference. Best of all, anyone within the organization can view it, but it can be kept safe from prying eyes through the use of the software’s built-in securities.

How to Use this PDF Creator

The process to convert files to PDF format isn’t too complicated, but PDF Converter makes it simpler. It’s like this:

You choose a file. Whether it’s from your PC or from elsewhere, you choose the file you need to convert. Drag and drop the files into the box provided.

The program will convert files from various formats. Word and Excel are just a few of the programs the converter can modify. The website tool can convert files automatically. Simply drop or upload the files and our tool shall do the rest.

When the files are ready, choose from an available menu on how you want to receive your converted files on its preferred formats. You can receive them by email or download them to your computer. You can then use your browser or any PDF viewer of your choice.

Why should you use an online converter?

For one, a lot of spamware and spyware are available online, pretending to be PDF conversion programs. We don’t store your files when we convert them, and the conversion process is completely online. That way, you’re sure that you get what you went to our website for. Aside from that, you’ll be able to save on storage space by not needing to download and install programs just to convert files.

Our free file converter is available for anyone completely free. It works on any OS as it is online. You can use it whether you’re on the Windows OS, Mac, or Linux. You can convert PDF files from any other OS as long as you have access to the Web.

Our website doesn’t just convert from Word documents to PDF. We can convert images, spreadsheets, or even presentations into a viewable PDF form. This way, anybody can view these documents when they need them. It’s also converted into an easily opened form, readily available to anyone as long as they have access to the PDF file.

Again, your safety concern is our priority. We don’t store your files nor do we have any uses for them. Once you’ve uploaded them into PDF, we don’t leave any traces of your file on our side. There is no manual process involved in the conversion of files – everything is 100% automated. These files are also periodically deleted after conversion in a purely safe and secure manner.

Convert Files for Free Now

There’s no more need for you to download large-sized, cumbersome programs online. Simply surf to PDF Converter Hub on the web and watch us do the conversion for you! Choose from the different formats securely and get the file that you need in a matter of seconds, not minutes. Surf our website for more of our free products and services. We’re here to help you with your file and document needs.